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A closed-circuit television camera, also famously known as CCTV camera is a device that comes with internal wires which once fixed in a particular location can easily help you monitor the activities going on in that area.

Today, CCTV cameras are a big craze. Be it home, office, school or any public area, people are getting mad about the installation of these devices.

In big cities like Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Chittorgarh and Dehradun, CCTV cameras are installed in every other place you will step foot in.

You must be wondering why everyone is getting CCTV cameras installed. Here are the few reasons where and why are these miniature secret devices are a must for you to launch:

Importance of CCTV cameras at Home

cctv at home

When we talk about people in big cities installing CCTV cameras everywhere, there has to be a reason.

This miniature device will not only help you with crime investigation but also, let you monitor the activities of the places it covers with its little lens.

CCTV camera is a must at home since you don’t wanna wake up next morning finding a charger or a silver coin or something even more expensive missing, knowing that it is the maid but can’t help because what proof do you have?

CCTV camera gives you a proof of something which you already know. Not only will it help you find the thief, but, will also ensure no such crime since the criminal will know the high chances of getting caught.

Next big reason to have a CCTV camera installed in your place is for kids and pets. If you are a working mother, you wouldn’t want to leave your kids messing up the home in your presence. It is important to keep an eye on their activities. This device will help you have a fuzz-free house.

These days, everything comes updated so is this new in trend CCTV camera. It comes with a feature using which you can control the device from your smartphone. Isn’t it just the thing you need? Now you can easily watch the activities going on at your home on your smartphone and have the worry-free work mode ON.

Important of CCTV cameras at Business

cctv at business

“Who needs a little spy or recorder cam at business? There are already so many people watching others’ activities. Nah! It’s not at all needed. Just a massive source of unnecessary expense.”

If you are wondering exactly what everyone else thing then you are totally wrong. As mentioned before, CCTV cameras not only help investigate a crime but also help reduce it. You never know when can someone break into your office after it is closed and steal some important files. Maybe you won’t even find a rug in there the next morning. Of course, you don’t want that.

This is why you need to install this device in your office. It will guard the business building when you will be at home or on a vacation.

CCTV cameras will bring your work and worry to easy.

Important of CCTV cameras in School

cctv at school

Why do we even go to school? Knowledge can be easily gathered from home by reading books or watching YouTube videos. Right! We were not sent to school for only knowledge. We were sent in that temple of learning to learn the basic requirements of living. To build a strong character.

It is important that all the schools have CCTV cameras on the premises, corridors, classrooms and even in playgrounds to ensure overall discipline. When students will know that they are under supervision, they will maintain disciple all over the campus. This will also ensure a good reputation of the institution and will instantly give relief to the teachers from running after the students to maintain the decorum.

Both the students and teachers will be at peace and will have respective freedom to act in a positive and obedient way.

These devices must be installed in the labs to prevent any sort of harm to the school property. This will ensure the overall safety of the institution and if some student goes beyond the limit, the camera will tell the truth and the authority will charge a fair fine. All students will not be bothered for a mistake of one.

Importance of CCTV cameras in Public Places

cctv at public areas

Now when we talk about having CCTV cameras installed in public places, it totally sounds senseless which it isn’t. They may not be attractive because public places are always crowded and there is surely no chance of crime in there. People are always watching. Wait! Did we just say that there are no crimes in India in public areas? Ouch!

Are we forgetting about the everyday happening robbery, theft, rape cases, murder attempts and so many more crimes that take place at these public places?

Now, do we not need these godly little devices to help the country have fewer crimes.

It is important to have CCTV cameras installed in public areas because people don’t really speak up for the other. This is India, we need proofs. Like mentioned earlier, they will help reduce crime.

There are a lot fewer crimes in Chittorgarh, Udaipur and Haldwani because there are CCTV cameras installed in every possible public place be it a metro station or a bus stop. Everywhere you go, you will know that someone is keeping a watch on you and it’s not just God.

A CCTV camera is a portable eye that isn’t attached to your body. They come in various shapes, sizes and flexibility. You can easily choose the type that fits fine for you. The cost is very reasonable that depends on the camera quality and angle to which they may work up to. Nowadays, there are 360° CCTV cameras in the market which give you a 360° view of the location.

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