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Among the very basic needs of humans today, CCTV is making its place to the top of the list. With the hike increase in a number of crimes per day in the last decade has proven that every other person today needs a CCTV camera in their surroundings. These miniature devices help you have better and safer surroundings.

When it comes to buying even a pen, we think too much about the price, need and use of it. Why not have a little knowledge about the type of CCTV cameras available in the market so that you know how they work differently and what is the importance of each. Yeah, there are so many types of CCTV cameras that come in different shape, size, configuration, style and also prices. Here are the few commonly used spy security cameras you can choose from:

1. Dome Camera

Named after their shape, these cameras look like a dome. One cannot tell in which direction they are watching because they have just one peek hole and do not change their angle. Only the controller knows about the direction they look into. Dome cameras are fitted in the roof which is why they are easily spotted. People mostly use dome cameras in retail stores and shopping malls to prevent any theft at the stores. Some of these cameras also have infrared illuminators that help them capture the activities of that place even in low light. These can be a bit expensive but will provide complete safety even in the absence of the shopkeeper. Dome cameras are easily install-able.

Use: Dome cameras are used in retail stores and shopping malls to ensure no sort of crime. There are so many brands for dome cameras and we deal in Cp plus dome camera, hikvision dome camera , secureye indoor camera and many more trusted brands.

2. Bullet Camera

A bullet camera has long surveillance tapered cylindrical look. It is used to surveil long distance. Mostly these are used in public areas where a long-distance view is to be observed. Bullet cameras are highly weatherproof which enables them to record high-quality videos even in bad weather. They can record a view of up to 80°. These are also used in backyards of houses or any other public areas. In houses, people use these cameras to keep an eye on the outside view of the house to know who comes in and goes out. People with kids mostly require a bullet camera for extra safety.

Use: Bullet cameras are used in areas with long surveillances up to 40m. These are also used in places where the weather conditions are not too good because of their weatherproof quality. According to us CP Plus and Hikvision Bullet camera have really great build quality.

3. C-Mount Camera

A C-Mount camera uses different lenses of different focal lengths to view different angles and length. Usually, these type of cameras can view up to 35 metres. To view above that length, one can change the lens and use a different one to view a long-distance view. One good thing about C-Mount cameras is that they can be zoomed in or zoomed out without losing the focus. In these cameras, angle view and the focal distance are fine-tuned using a varifocal lens which ensures the all-round focus of the video. Although these are noticeable due to their size.

Use: C-Mount cameras are used to record a view of 35 metres or more. These are zoomable without losing focus which helps them work fine indoors and outdoors.

4. Day/Night CCTV Camera

Day/Night CCTV camera, as the name suggests, can record a high-quality video in both days and nights. They come in various shapes and sizes which you can choose from to fit your need. Day/Night CCTV cameras do not require infrared illuminators to record the low light videos. One plus point of these cameras is that they can record videos in both coloured and Black & White modes. With their extra sensitive imaging chip, they can record the very good quality of video in dim light. Basically, the light is not a problem for these day/night CCTV cameras.

Use: These are used in storerooms where low light is an issue. These cameras provide 24-hour surveillance which makes them more secure.

5. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera

Just like the name, these cameras are easy to pan, i.e., move left or right, tilt, i.e., move up or down and zoom in or zoom out. Pan Tilt Zoom camera is easy to install in the places where a controller is hired to control them. They can easily record a good view and have high working efficiency. Due to their multipurpose and easy to control features, these cameras are a bit expensive. These cameras have a high night vision to record videos in dark. With the help of PTZ cameras, you get high-resolution images of the activities it records.

Use: A PTZ camera is used in places with an operator like big shopping stores or office buildings. These provide overall protection from various crimes.

6. High Definition CCTV Camera

In places with a high risk of robbery or theft like Banks, Casinos, Clubs and Hospitals, high definition cameras are used. These cameras are installed to record every movement of a person entering or leaving the place in order to ensure all-round decorum and no fuzz. These cameras can be easily zoomed in into high-resolution videos just in case some crime takes place and the images are to be used as proof. High Definition CCTV camera can be very expensive but worth the cost when one’s business is at high risk. They easily provide maximum safety.

Use: A high definition camera is used to provide extra security at places with a high risk of loss like banks, etc. They provide high-quality video with most clarity because sometimes the images can be used as proofs in case a crime takes place.

7. Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera

With long-distance surveillance of 300 metres, thermal, infrared or night vision CCTV cameras are the best 24-hour surveillance providers. They are widely used in airports, bus stations, railway stations and other public places where 24-hour surveillance is required. They record anytime no matter day or night with high efficiency. Infrared cameras are easy to install and control. They are called infrared because mini red LEDs surround them to record moving picture in high pitch. Night vision CCTV cameras help in investigating any crime or mishappening at the places with high risk.

Use: An infrared/ Night Vision CCTV camera is can be used to record a 24-hour video of any public place at high risk with good image quality. They work well in low lights as well.

8. Network/IP CCTV Camera

Network or IP CCTV camera can easily share the footages through networking. These are widely used indoors as well as outdoors. One can have the footage on their mobile phones too. They only need an internet connection to work and an IP address. One can easily keep an eye on their property even when away from it. Network cameras ensure the security of your property and help you get rid of worries.

Use: Recordings of these cameras can be easily sent off to the far distance with the help of the network. These are mostly installed in homes or offices or for other personal use. Network/IP CCTV cameras have very low maintenance and easy installation.

9. Varifocal Cameras

These type of cameras provide surveillance of longer distances and dead zones which other cameras do not even reach. Varifocal CCTV cameras are easily zoomable without any change in the focus of the view. These cameras have high focus and quality to record every part even of a square room. In varifocal cameras, one can adjust the focus, angle and zoom of the lens according to the need.

Use: Varifocal cameras provide good quality footage of close up or far away distances with just a little bit of lens adjustment. These are easily adjustable according to the need and reach the dead zones of the location insight.

10. Discreet CCTV

Just like the title, discreet cameras are hidden cameras installed in the roof. They are not easily recognizable so one cannot tell if they are stalking them. Decreet CCTV cameras are used to record good footage of crime and theft scenes without the criminal knowing about their presence. Since they cannot be spotted easily, their chances of getting damaged during the commitment of the crime are very less which makes them durable for the purpose. Discreet cameras capture good footage of the crime scene that can be later on used as proof.

Use: Discreet CCTV cameras are good for indoor use since they are hidden cameras only used to record the activities happening in the place. They do not provide security because they are not visible but cannot be damaged either. They provide a high-quality image of the criminal.

Now that you know about the manor 20 types of CCTV cameras, it is easier to pick one for your need. If you are looking for a good pick for your use, try contacting Pro Spy Security Solutions for help.

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